Harry Potter Re-Read: Let’s Open the Chamber of Secrets!

So… now that the first few chapters of CoS are available on Pottermore, it’s time for us to re-start the HP re-read by opening the Chamber of Secrets. When the next batch of chapters are published, I will take a bit of time off from the re-read to discuss the new Pottermore material but will quickly return to the re-read.

I plan to publish my first re-read post on Monday. I hope to see you then!

ETA: You can find the first re-read post here.

Thank you for your patience

I have completed the change of “theme” for the blog. I’m sorry for anybody who saw black text on a black background for a few minutes during the transition. That resulted from previous custom settings that got carried over. I removed those settings. I also opted out of using a custom header until I can ensure that WordPress will not stretch the image.

At any rate, if you were browsing the blog while I made these changes, I thank you for your patience.