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I’m delighted to see some new commenters on the blog. :) Some of you may have noticed your comments not showing up right away. So here’s why…

WordPress sites have a very powerful spam filter, and sometimes perfectly innocent comments get stuck in it. I love substantive analytical comments. My spam filter does not. It thinks they are spam because spammers often post long amounts of nonsense text around spammy key words. The spam filter can’t distinguish between long bits of text, so it flags your substantive comment as spam.

If your comment does not appear right away, don’t worry. I do go into the spam filter and rescue real comments.

Also, if you are new to the blog, your first comment will be delayed. After the first comment has been approved, you should have no problem with posting… assuming that your comment does not get stuck for some inexplicable reason in the spam filter. ;)

Thanks for commenting, and comment away!

Now that everyone can get into Pottermore, the following is no longer relevant. But I thought I’d keep it to remind us of the Beta testing feeding frenzy days. :) ……..

Added Note concerning an issue that has appeared in the spam filter (8/30/2011):

Do not use this site to ask for someone to lend or give you a Pottermore account. Lending or giving away accounts is against Pottermore Terms and Conditions… and it is also dangerous. Comments requesting account exchange will be deleted.

I know it’s hard to wait, but don’t put yourself at risk.

12 responses to “Posting Comments


  2. hey, hye.
    i’m from Malaysia, that was on the other side of the world and i’ve no idea how to get into Pottermore…. i’ve been dying to get into it. i’ve read some pple said that registration were open on certain time, but unfortunately, the time zone is a MAJOR problem. so i wonder what are the exact time and how to… if u could help. :)

    • Pottermore is in Beta. So there’s no way to get in right now. Once it’s out of Beta, it will be open to the general public, and everybody will be able to get in.

      The contest to get in to the Beta took place in early August. During the contest, they set up times to accommodate people all over the globe. And people from your part of the world did get in to the Beta.

  3. hello, um i am on pottermore right now, i finished the first book. buuuuut i forgot to gather all the locations and characters. i cant figure out how to gather them. help please??

    • You can go back into the scenes and then just move your cursor around, looking for the screen to light up in purple with the word “collect.” You do this at all zoom levels.

      Of course, the easy way is just to look at some of the guides to items you can collect in Book 1. I don’t have one on this site because I was a Beta tester and avoided posting first book spoilers here before the Beta ended. Of course, I couldn’t remember what was where by the time Pottermore was open to everybody! But there are plenty of guides around the Web.

  4. I cannot enter chapter 11 in COS. Does that mean I’ve overlooked some collecting? It’s got the gold ring but doesn’t give me the option to explore. Thanks for any advice.

    • Are you able to click forward from the end of Chapter 10? I don’t see any collecting that should hang you up from getting to Chapter 11… unless you didn’t pick up Moste Potente Potions in Chapter 10, moment 1. That book might be required to move forward, since it’s the book that has the recipe for Polyjuice Potion in it. But that’s just a guess.

  5. Hi,

    I’m an english student major in sweden, and I’m just about to start writing my bachelor’s essay on Harry Potter 1. I have been reading your blog some time now, and concidering that you are a college profssor, your blog (i.e.your analysis on character etc) should work as a reliable source. The question I have is: at what university do you work?, as my instructor requires that I can show that the sources I use are legimit.

    Thank you in advance!

  6. Jk never goes into any detail about the Potters.Was there any mention in any of the books regarding them.She could have made a whole series on the parents of Harry .

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