This blog started out as a brain dump on the redemption theme with Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore. Then it moved on into a Harry Potter re-read. Then it went on hiatus. And now, it’s going to focus on re-reading the HP series from within the Pottermore experience!

This blog overall aims at focusing on the canonical books, the movies and related literature – which means, that direct influences and just about all Quest and Hero lore are fair game. As for fanfic… it’s not the focus of this blog, but I do occasionally mention it. :) And in a different fandom, I adore The Darth Side.

SPOILER WARNING: If you have never read through the entire Harry Potter series, this blog is probably not for you. It’s chalk full of spoilers. If you have read the series, take a look around. There’s some pretty exhaustive analysis of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone (i.e., Book 1).

BTW, my name is Cindy Collins Smith. I’m a college prof and former magazine editor. When I’m not teaching College, I’m known primarily for my work on movies. My Hollywood Ripper website got hacked awhile back, which caused some consternation among the Ripperologists, but I was already kind of ready to move on to something a little more redemptive than Jack the Ripper movies.

So… how about some Harry Potter?