Pottermore, CoS Chapter 13 (what I’ve found so far…)

DISCLAIMER: This is not exactly a live blog and it’s definitely not a Finder’s Guide. It’s what I’ve found so far. There’s also probably some stuff I’m missing. :)

Here’s what I’ve found so far (DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED!)…


Scene 1 (“Tom Riddle’s Diary”)
The key for Zoom Levels will be found at the bottom of the post.

  • Zoom 1:
    • COLLECT Bertie Bott’s Soap-Flavoured Bean (from floor)
  • Zoom 2:
    • COLLECT Leaping Toadstool (from floor)
  • Zoom 3: CLOSER LOOK at Tom Riddle’s Diary

Scene 2 (“Valentine’s Day”)
The key for Zoom Levels will be found at the bottom of the post.

  • Zoom 1: See the Great Hall through the Doors
  • Zoom 2:
    • COLLECT Bertie Bott’s Vomit-Flavoured Bean
    • COLLECT 3 separate Valentine’s Day Cards from 2 different tables
    • COLLECT Bertie Bott’s Strawberry-Flavoured Bean
    • COLLECT 5 Galleons (and I unlocked a Galleon-collecting badge!)
  • Zoom 3:
    • COLLECT Rose Oil (in front of Lockhart)

Scene 3 (“Into the Diary”)

Click on the number 13 on the page. It opens a new scene, with Riddle and Hagrid. I don’t think there’s anything to collect here, but if you move in to Zoom 2, you can see Aragog struggling to get out of the crate.

Key to Zoom Levels:
I am using the conventions I’ve seen used elsewhere when discussing Pottermore zoom levels:

  • Zoom 1 = the original zoom level.
  • Zoom 2 = zoom in one level from Zoom 1.
  • Zoom 3 = zoom in two levels from Zoom 1.
  • Zoom OUT 2 = zoom out one level from Zoom 1.
  • Zoom OUT 3 = zoom out two levels from Zoom 1.

Pottermore: Two Million Students in the Great Hall

Well, that didn’t take long. Just a week ago, I was posting excitedly that the Great Hall had finally reached 1,000,000 students.

That number has doubled since then. And here is the evidence…

Here is the House breakdown at 2,001,849 sorted students:

Gryffindor: 520,772 members
Hufflepuff: 503,982 members
Slytherin: 501,654 members
Ravenclaw: 475,441 members

Here is the Points breakdown at 2,001,849 sorted students:

Slytherin: 37,003,557 points
Gryffindor: 36,862,963 points
Ravenclaw: 36,285,160 points
Hufflepuff: 31,874,152 points

Gryffindor trails Slytherin by about 150,000 points. But Gryffindor also has about 19,000 more students than Slytherin. Which will prevail? Numbers or skill? ;)

Regardless of who wins the first House Cup, I suspect the site will experience steady growth… but that there will be a big growth spurt when CoS is released and everybody – the PS/SS Beta group and the general public – explores CoS for the first time, at the same time, together.

Pottermore: The Great Hall Reaches One Million Students!

As of the moment I started writing this post, there were precisely 1,000,223 students in the Great Hall at Pottermore. These are the students who have been to Diagon Alley, taken the Hogwarts Express, and gone through the Sorting Ceremony.

When I joined the Beta test, there were about 100,000 students in the Great Hall. The number never reached 700,000 during the Beta – probably because so many people got multiple accounts and never used them… or deleted the accounts they got when they didn’t get sorted into the House they wanted.

This afternoon, my husband joined us in the Great Hall after being sorted into Ravenclaw. So we’ve now officially got a Slytherin/Ravenclaw marriage.

Most of his responses to the sorting quiz were similar to mine, but there was definitely a Ravenclaw edge to his… and a Slytherin edge to mine. So I think I can now say with some assurance that Ravenclaw is the next House I would go into after Slytherin.

Oh by the way… in the few minutes that it took me to write this post, the number in the Great Hall jumped to 1,000,904. So approximately 700 students have been sorted in just the last five minutes.

It’s just so great to see Pottermore finally open to the public.