Pottermore’s New Layout: Completion Bars (and replenishable points?)

In the new layout, there’s a completion bar at the bottom of each scene. When the completion bar moves all the way to the right, you have collected everything – AND performed every animated action – that you can perform in that scene. So yeah, in order to complete a scene all the way, you will probably also need to hover your cursor and make things happen… like make plaster fall from the walls or cause a spider spin from the top of some curtains or make a Hinkypunk move.

What I found this afternoon, though, is that when I went back in to some of the scenes I’d completed a couple of days ago, the completion bar was no longer full. And items that I had previously collected were right there to be collected again. And yes, I got House Points for them a second time – without having lost any House Points from the other day!

This makes me wonder if Pottermore has added new ways to gain House Points or if this is just a glitch that they will fix when they find out about it. ;)

We’ve always known that you can replenish your Potions ingredients after you’ve used them up. But you didn’t get points for them a second time. And in this instance, I had NOT used up ingredients. I got to collect items I’d already collected and earn new points GRATIS!

So now, I’ve scrolled all the way back to the opening scene in PS/SS on Privet Drive and guess what… ALL of my completion bars in the earlier books are empty. I’m pretty sure that I still have the collectibles in my trunk. But there’s a possibility that I may get to collect the collectibles agaon – FOR POINTS. At any rate, I’m sure going to try! I’ll let you know how I fare.

UPDATE: No replenishable items to collect so far in the earlier chapters. No alarm clock, no postcard, nothing. So it looks like we don’t get a shot at those points a second time. :(

UPDATE 2: Here’s some information on the new layout from the Pottermore Insider: http://insider.pottermore.com/2013/07/whats-new-on-pottermore.html

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