Pottermore, PoA Chapter 21 (what I’ve found so far…)

DISCLAIMER: This is not exactly a live blog and it’s definitely not a Finder’s Guide. Apparently, I found everything, so…



Scene 1 (“Time Turner”)

  • Zoom 1:
    • Now that’s some awesome animation! I’ve never envisioned the Time Turner looking like that before!
  • Zoom 2:
    • Double-click and the doors open, and we see the jewels for the different Houses moving backwards.
    • UNLOCK “Time Turner” (JKR-exclusive content). We learn a lot more about the limitations of time travel in the Harry Potter universe, and JKR reveals why she destroyed the entire stock of Time Turners during the Battle in the Dept. of Mysteries. NOTE: Rowling’s problem arose because she used the “time paradox” trope of time travel. However, since Time Travel itself is a convention, time paradox is not the only way in which Time Travel can play out. But it’s the best trope to use if you need to change the past!
    • COLLECT 5 Galleons.
    • COLLECT Bertie Bott’s Cheese-Flavoured Bean.
    • COLLECT Montrose Magpies badge at base of Ravenclaw statue. (Thanks, Ramona!)

Scene 2 (“Buckbeak’s Rescue”)

Hmmm… this looks an awful lot like “The Committee.” ;)

  • Zoom 1:
    • But since this is the same scene through the Time Turner, there’s new stuff to collect!
    • COLLECT Unicorn Tail Hair.
  • Zoom 2:
    • Hover cursor to get Buckbeak to move his head.
    • COLLECT Dried Billywig Stings.
    • COLLECT a Galleon

Scene 3 (“Prongs”)

Thanks to Let’s Call Me Lily for helping me straighten out the Zooms…

  • Zoom 1:
    • COLLECT a Murlap Tentacle (known for their healing properties).
  • Zoom 2:
    • UNLOCK “Patronus” (JKR-exclusive content).
    • COLLECT Tubeworms.
  • Zoom 3:
    • COLLECT Slimy Seaweed.

Scene 4 (“Sirius and Buckbeak Escape”)

  • Zoom 1:
    • Hover cursor to make Buckbeak flap his wings.
    • COLLECT a Galleon.
    • COLLECT an Owl Treat.
  • Zoom 2:
    • COLLECT Hesper Starkey Chocolate Frog Card. (She studied the phases of the moon in Potions making).
    • Move cursor over top of tower to make an owl fly and ring a bell.

Key to Zoom Levels:
I am using the conventions I’ve seen used elsewhere when discussing Pottermore zoom levels:

    • Zoom 1 = the original zoom level.
    • Zoom 2 = zoom in one level from Zoom 1.
    • Zoom 3 = zoom in two levels from Zoom 1.
    • Zoom OUT 2 = zoom out one level from Zoom 1.
    • Zoom OUT 3 = zoom out two levels from Zoom 1.

15 responses to “Pottermore, PoA Chapter 21 (what I’ve found so far…)

    • Thanks. I’ve fixed the zooms now. :)

      I knew there was a problem when I put something down for Zoom 3 and then the next zoom out was to Zoom 1. But at that point I had no idea what the right zooms were. Thanks for clarifying!

    • Yeah, I’ve tried that. But I haven’t had any luck. :(

      I’ve also tried the lamps at the top of the arch, the House jewels, and basically anything else that I can see!

      Thanks for the suggestion though. :)

  1. Is there any way to X off the timeline so you can see the part you are in.I am not happy with this Thanks in advence!

  2. In moment 4 zoom one there is something under the boxes. I ran my mouse over it and it completed the scene. Also, the owl is in zoom one.

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