Pottermore, CoS Chapter 12 (what I’ve found so far…)

DISCLAIMER: This is not exactly a live blog and it’s definitely not a Finder’s Guide. It’s what I’ve found so far. There’s also probably some stuff I’m missing. :)

Here’s what I’ve found so far (DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED!)…


Scene 1 (“Dumbledore’s Office”)
The key for Zoom Levels will be found at the bottom of the post.

  • Zoom 1: I didn’t find anything. :(
  • Zoom 2:
    • COLLECT Dragon Blood on desk
    • COLLECT Lemon Sherbet on desk
  • Zoom 3: On Mouseover, can make Fawkes cry, can move scales, can get a light to shine behind the door to the cabinet

Scene 2 (“The Potion is Ready”)

  • Only 1 Zoom Level. So at Zoom 1:
    • COLLECT Lacewing Flies
    • COLLECT Bertie Bott’s Overcooked Cabbage-Flavoured Bean
    • UNLOCK “Polyjuice Potion” (JKR-Exclusive content)
    • Clicking on the cups makes them fizz (I think you can do this only one time for each cup, and then you have to re-load the scene)

Scene 3 (“The Slytherin Common Room”)
The key for Zoom Levels will be found at the bottom of the post.

Okay, I’m a Slytherin, and I did not need to use Polyjuice to open the door to the Slytherin Common Room. What about those of you who are NOT Slytherins? Did you have to use Polyjuice? If so, can you use the Comments to describe the process (step-by-step) that you had to go through to gain access to Slytherin? Thanks!

  • Zoom 1: See brick wall.
    • Double-click to see Slytherin Common Room through an opening in the brick wall.
  • Zoom 2 – Enter the Slytherin Common Room.
    • COLLECT Montague Knightly Chocolate Frog (in drawer below Chess table). Can also make chess pieces move on mouseover.
  • Zoom 3:
    • COLLECT book Nature’s Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy (on couch).
    • CLOSER LOOK at Daily Prophet article concerning enquiry into Arthur Weasley’s enchanting of a Muggle car.
    • COLLECT 5 Galleons from the Mantelpiece. (Thanks Annie!)

Key to Zoom Levels:
I am using the conventions I’ve seen used elsewhere when discussing Pottermore zoom levels:

  • Zoom 1 = the original zoom level.
  • Zoom 2 = zoom in one level from Zoom 1.
  • Zoom 3 = zoom in two levels from Zoom 1.
  • Zoom OUT 2 = zoom out one level from Zoom 1.
  • Zoom OUT 3 = zoom out two levels from Zoom 1.

38 responses to “Pottermore, CoS Chapter 12 (what I’ve found so far…)

  1. There are some galleons on the fire mantlepiece to collect in the Slytherin Common Room.

    I’m a Gryffindor, and needed the Polyjuice Potion to enter. I’m unable to brew potions now because, like quite a few people, my internet explorer isn’t coping well with the website program. On the COS forum we found that gifting the Swelling Solution, and keeping that in your supply of brewed potions, allowed someone to collect from Snape’s secret store. Potion ingredients could be sent in return. The same applied for entering the Slytherin Common Room, which is very helpful and encourages people to work together really.

      • Yes, you’ll need to gift both part 1 and 2 of the Polyjuice Potion. I also accepted the gifts in the correct order just to be on the safe side too.

        • Oh! If you have any extra, I would be happy to gift whatever you need in return! LightBlade20004

          Thanks from a Gryffindor with slow internet!

          • oh man, I REALLY need some polyjuice… i tried so many times, and I can’t quite manage it :( If you still have any extra, I’d greatly appreciate it! I would be happy to trade any of my books or treasures in return :)

          • Yea would anyone like to gift me some polyhuice my internet explorer sucks and i really want the full experien ce I will gift whatever you needbut I would love you forever if you could helpThanks!
            HollyBlade7365 , Gryffindor

      • If you still have extra polyjuice potion, I would love some! I would be happy to gift whatever needed in return. I’m NettleFlame132.


  2. Sis,

    Happy Halloween!

    Found pretty much the same as you did, although there are two scales that move in Dumbledore’s office.

    Have been procrastinating about brewing Polyjuice Potion, so didn’t get into Slytherin Common Room. Maybe I should go and brew some. Otherwise, I couldn’t find a way in….Yet.

    On to Valentine Day….found a bunch of cards, strawberry beans, angel wings flapping and Galleons .

    Your Sis

  3. I’ve been having trouble collecting fluxweed. I can see it in CoS chapter 5 “Crash Landing”, but I just can’t get it to let me collect it. I’ve tried on IE, FF, and GC. I’ve messed with minimizing and maximizing and I’m just getting frustrated. I’d really like to start attempting Polyjuice Potion now. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)

    • Have you gotten the car to back up?

      The way it works for me is that I just have to double-click five times before the Whomping Willow beats the Anglia senseless enough that the car finally decides to back up.

      Once it backs up, you should be able to collect the Fluxweed to your right. If that’s not working, then you might need to contact Pottermore with the problem.

      Help > Other > What's next? > Need more help

      is the path to follow if you need to access the form that allows you to communicate with Pottermore about technical issues and the like.

    • I was also having trouble but after searching the internet, I found a solution and finally was able to collect it. Zoom your browser out by 75% or more and make the page full screen. Try it again.

  4. Can somebody please friend me and send me the polyjuice potion it is too hard to make ;/ my name is DreamRose10551 thankyou! x

  5. I’m a Ravenclaw. There was no “procedure” to entering the Slytherin common room. I just have the Polyjuice Potions in my Trunk (or wherever they are kept).
    Thanks for a great run through the chapters!

    • Okay. Thanks for the info! I had Polyjuice in my Potions, but I’ve heard from a Slytherin who didn’t that she got through with no problem. So the original suspicions were correct – that Slytherin does not need Polyjuice Potion to get in to the Slytherin Common Room with Harry.

  6. If someone could please friend me and gift me just part 2 i would be eternally grateful unfortunately i only have access to a reliable computer at school. So, being able to come back 18 hours later to finish brewing isn’t something i can make work. My pottermore name is RainCloak22827

  7. can someone please gift me the polyjuice part 1 and 2? I can’t make the swelling solution.. i think there’s a bug, because once i get to the second heating part the gague on the thermometer is wrong every time, so it fails me :(

    my id is


    • I had that problem too. I heard that if you close the waiting screen that says how long you have to go until the potion is ready (the one that comes up after Part One), and then you open it up again (this time it will only say the percentage completed) then the bug disappears. It worked for me, and others. For some reason it doesn’t like you coming straight from that timed screen, and then the heating always fails. Hope that helps!

  8. can someone help me? i keep failing to make polyjuice potion.
    can somebody please send me the polyjuice potion?
    my name is WillowJinx31637

    thank you!

  9. Hi! Can somebody pretty please gift me polyjuice potion? I’m terrible at potions. I’m FrogChaser142. Thank you so much!

  10. somebody please please pretty please gift this hopeless hufflepuff with some polyjuice potion (parts 1 and 2) – my internet is dreadful and I’m desperate just to get to PoA just for Lupin. but this potion brewing just doesn’t want to happen on my ancient laptop. :’c :’c my name is NoxPatronus180 . thank you!! :c

  11. you can get the hair from the scene with mrs norris hanging from the wall, click on the heads of the people closest to you standing in the group. also there is a hidden licorice wand in there if you didnt find it already

  12. If you still have extra polyjuice potion, I would love some! I would be happy to gift whatever needed in return. I’m NettleFlame132.


  13. Can someone please send me part 2 of the Polyjuice potion? I’ve been having so much trouble with this one! My wireless connection isn’t very good and for some reason waving my wand at the end never works when I even make it that far (the screen always freezes when I click on the wand). :( It’s a miracle I somehow made the first part. I’ve managed to make it to the end three times and the wand didn’t work, so I’ve lost patience for it with it being so time consuming.
    I’m not asking for free, I’ll gladly send you something back if you want if I have it in my inventory!
    Please add me if you can help! Thanks. My username is HexStar15937

  14. I can’t get a full progress bar on this one. I have moused over everything but it’s still just shy of full. Anyone has any ideas?

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