Pottermore… Officially picking up the pace

ETA: The number inside the Great Hall has now reached 250,010 268,005 294,443 309,897. In other words: 25% roughly 27% over 29% over 30% of the entire Beta pool has now made it through the Sorting Hat. :D

Most likely, at least one-third of the welcome emails have now gone out, possibly considerably more.

Original post starts here…

Okay, the Happy Day has finally arrived! Today, the Pottermore Insider announced that Pottermore plans to send out welcome emails daily over the next two weeks:

The good news is that we no longer expect to pause sending these (as mentioned in our Beta testing and Welcome emails post). Instead, we plan to send emails out daily over the next two weeks. As always, there’s a chance that our plans may alter as we assess the site and how it is reacting to new users but we will update you if anything changes.

To me, this sounds as if Pottermore plans to try to get everybody inside over the next two weeks – depending on how the site withstands the traffic. And honestly, I really haven’t been seeing additional problems arise as a result of additional traffic. Some people still have problems with potions, and wizards duel has not yet returned. But the traffic does not seem to have increased these problems.

As for who is getting in..

It definitely seems that Day 3 and Day 4 people have increasingly been getting their emails over the past couple of days. I also know that welcome emails sometimes arrive at the oddest times. One of my friends received hers at about 10:30pm last night.

So for those of you who fear that your Pottermore email will never arrive… Stay Strong! It may be coming by Errol Post, but Errol always does manage somehow to arrive.

In the meantime, here’s Harry Potter in 99 seconds…

Let’s hope Errol doesn’t take much longer than that!

27 responses to “Pottermore… Officially picking up the pace


  2. I just HOPE they make the Moments more interesting. When I joined I expected SOOO much more interaction and it wasn’t there. I intend to make some feedback reasonably soon as I can see by the posts in my HUFFLEPUFF common room that people are desperately hoping there will be more.

    As for the spells – Grrrrrrrrrr

    • A lot of people are using the comments to make suggestions about the moments.

      Goal-oriented and ambitious lot that we Slytherins are, there’s not so much a desire for interaction within Pottermore (Slytherins have set up shop elsewhere on the Web). Our common room is more about brewing potions so we can beat Ravenclaw.

      There’s a lot of team spirit, but not much stated desire for interaction within Pottermore – except to the extent that friending fellow Slytherins means that we can gift each other cauldrons and potions ingredients. LOL.

      However, yes, I wish that they would allow adults to interact more fully with other adults. They are trying to create a child-friendly site, but not allowing adults to communicate easily with each other is a negative for adults.

      I get a lot of friend requests on Pottermore, but I can’t even ask people who send me a request who they are and where I know them from. I’m wondering if some people from this blog or from the CoS forum are thinking that I’m ignoring them. If the friend requests are coming from them, though, I just don’t know it. And trying to research all my friend requests is tiresome, so I end up friending all the Slytherins so that we can gift each other potions ingredients. And I put the others on hold until I can figure out who they are.

      Who are you by the way?

  3. Great news – I’ve been keeping myself busy by reading the Harry Potter books again, and I’m almost finished them all… hopefully I’ll get my email soon.
    By the way, that video is absolutely hilarious!

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      • I expected glitches, but I did not expect it to be down this much today. Again, my day four group crashes the site. 0:-)

        I had another friend request that I was not sure who it was, but I accepted. I wish we could attach a memo to it, so we know who it is.

        • Yeah, it’s been so unstable today that I haven’t even gotten to see where you are located yet. I think it’s fun to follow along with the new people I know.

          At least I was smart enough to decide not to brew any potions until it settled down. I just got above 100 points yesterday, and I don’t want to go exploding cauldrons due to site issues!

          • I can not seem to figure out how to get to Gringotts. I have read every little character, place, creature, etc. Care to enlighten me something obvious I should be doing? Thanks!

          • I think you have to find your shopping list before you can go to your vault. To find the shopping list, you need to zoom in. It will be lying on the ground in Diagon Alley.

  5. Good to see that Day 4’s are getting in (I’m Day 4). No Owl yet, but this is hopeful. OTOH the site is down, so that’s not so good. Oh well!


    • Hey Sis,

      It’s been weird today. I hope you get your owl soon! I keep waiting to hear from you, hoping I’ll hear that you got in. But so far nothing. :(

      Soon, though… and probably soon the site will stop going down.

  6. Yay! This is very good news! As for me, I must have the worst luck ever… Still no welcome email and I registered on Day 4. :/

    XD I bought the Hogwarts tee the dude in the left is wearing in the vid during the last Threadless sale. I’ll cry if it arrives before my welcome email lol.

    (And congrats on the page views! :D)

    • I hope you receive your welcome email very soon and that there’s no crying to be done. My sister is Day 4 and still no Welcome email, so I think they’ve still got plenty to go.

      And thanks re: the page views. :D

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