Pottermore: Do You Want to Friend Me?

I’ll have more to say about Pottermore a little bit later, but for now, I just thought I’d talk briefly about the Friends system.

We can have Friends on Pottermore. We can duel each other. We can send each other gifts. But we can’t actually write to each other within Pottermore. This is supposed to be to keep children safe.

This makes it a little difficult to tell who is friending you. I have a list of Friend requests, and at the moment, I have no idea who many of them are from.

So I’m setting up a little system here that will make it easy for people to Friend me  – and do it privately.

I have set up a series of keystrokes that will take your Comment straight into the spam filter:


If you are a commenter on this blog and you type in that series of keystrokes


I will be sure to see your message because I always check the spam filter. Just let me know that you want to friend me and let me know your Pottermore username. I’ll send you a friend request. You don’t need to be inside Pottermore already for me to send you a friend request. When you do get inside, the request will be from someone named AsphodelPhoenix. I don’t post the actual numbers publicly because someone tried to reset my password a few weeks ago. :(

Anyway, you can copy and paste the keystrokes: ASDFJKL;QWERTYUIOP

In the meantime, I will provide updates from inside Pottermore, and will continue to provide content for those who are still waiting outside. :(

The really good news is that the floodgates do seem to be opening. A lot of my friends have gained access in the past couple of days. Some people are gaining access before they receive an email.

Current numbers in the Great Hall at Pottermore are: 86,731 students. At this rate, we may get in 10% of Beta testers by the start of next week. And Pottermore says it will continue to increase the numbers over the next week.

Hope to see everyone inside Pottermore soon!

ETA: The spam filter thing is working. :) I have already friended one commenter. If you want me to post down below that I have friended you (by username on the blog, not on Pottermore), then you can just add that to your message. I will add those usernames to the bottom of this message under a second ETA. :)

ETA2: I have sent out friend requests to everybody who gave me a complete username. If you just gave me the words and not the numbers, I was unable to send a request.

18 responses to “Pottermore: Do You Want to Friend Me?

  1. erm ccollinsmith can I contact you (not on Pottermore because I will get account in October when it launch) in any private means other than Pottermore? :) I am a little embarrassed (this is not any personal subject lol) to post this as a comment… >..< I'm a bad writer…you see :P However I always have some decent ideas :)


    Hi! I just got into Pottermore yesterday and I was Sorted into Slytherin as well! Anyway, I’d like to be friends. I’ve been checking out your blog for the past couple of weeks and it is just magnificent! You are a true HP fan and what I especially love is that you provide actual insight and commentary to the books, movies, Pottermore… Keep up the great job! :)

    Oh, and my Pottermore name is CrimsonSpirit. Thanks!

    • Hi Ashley,

      I did send you a friend request. (I removed the numbers from your username, so I could respond to your message).

      Thank you so much for your comments. And congratulations on getting sorted into Slytherin! :)

      Concerning the blog… I always used to worry that I was going on at too much length when I did analysis, but hey my brain works the way it works. And it does seem that the blog has found an audience among people who really like the detail.

      I’ll be glad to hear what you think of Pottermore. And welcome to Expecto Patronum! :)

  3. Hi, I’m Jewel and I got into Pottermore about 5 days ago. I love your blog and how it’s so firsthand! I read it while I go through the whole process and everything. Anyways, I’m in Ravenclaw so add me please! Thanks :)

  4. Why cant they make it possible for 18+ people to send owls or something? children wold be protected and older people could interact whit their friends, i really wanna do it :(..

    • I’ve been asking the same question! I guess they’re afraid kids would then fake their age when they sign up. But there have got to be some sorts of safeguards they can put in place for kids that won’t impact adults.

  5. I’ve never commented before but I found your blog while twiddling my thumbs after the quill challenge. Got my email a few days ago, (happy dance), so add me if you wish: roseyew.

    Also, I was an Lit major in College, absolutely love the analysis!!! Nerdy Hufflepuff on the loose!!! haha :)

    • Ahhh. So you’re the RoseYew who friended me. Accepted. :D

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and all the analysis. We need more nerdy Hufflepuffs!

      I thought it was fun reading in the Hufflepuff House History that Hufflepuff has the greatest arithmancer of all time… and that Ravenclaw (of course) tries to claim every nerd.

      I loved that the Hufflepuff prefect ended up dueling the Ravenclaw (prefect?) who was trying to claim the Hufflepuff arithmancer for Ravenclaw.

      Oh, and welcome to the Comments!

  6. Hey,
    I’m Jasmine and Pottermore is a little confusing! However, I do know how to get friends/accept friends so I’m doing lots of that! I’m called DraconisAuror, how do you contact me to get the numbers on the end? Do you email me or something?

    Cheers, Jasmine :)

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