Pottermore: I Just Solved Snape’s Logic Puzzle

Sorry I’ve disappeared into Pottermore for the past couple of days. I will be back tomorrow, I think – or possibly Monday – to write up my general thoughts.

In the meantime, I just wanted to let everybody know that on Pottermore, you will have an opportunity to solve Snape’s Logic Puzzle. And when you get to that point in the story, you will find that one of my two final solutions is correct. :)

If you have visited Solving Snape’s Logic Puzzle, then you will know that figuring out the single final solution is impossible without actually seeing the layout of the bottles. You can only narrow it down to two potential positions for the “Forward” potion. (No such problem exists for the “Backward” potion).

I’m not going to reveal right now which one of my two solutions is the correct one. I’d like to give you an opportunity to solve the puzzle for yourself when you get to Pottermore.  But I will say this: while it was a solution I anticipated, it was not the solution I expected… though I think it was kind of the solution I was hoping for.

Feel free to use my Logic Puzzle notes when you get to Pottermore. Goodness knows I did!

18 responses to “Pottermore: I Just Solved Snape’s Logic Puzzle

  1. >>Sorry I’ve disappeared into Pottermore for the past couple of days. I will be back tomorrow, I think – or possibly Monday – to write up my general thoughts.

    And here I thought you were dodging Irene. Good to see you have power (maybe). But then you have your wand now. :-)

    Your Sis

    • LOL. Yes. I have a wand. I haven’t used it yet to cast a “lumos” spell though. ;)

      The storm was fairly loud last night but no damage to the neighborhood. And the power never went out in my neighborhood. Yay!

  2. So glad to see they have a interactive way to solve his potion logic puzzle. How cool is that?! This is such an amazing idea and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

  3. What a great way to ride out the storm. Up here in NH we are getting drenched now. NightWing keeps looking for the dementors in the dark clouds.

    Also, it is really thoughtful to leave the magic of exploration to us while at the same time sharing your joy. Too many people want to know but not understand the discovery.

    See you soon in the Great Hall,


    • So sweet to hear about NightWing looking for dementors in the clouds. I can hardly wait until the two of you get into Pottermore. :) It will be so much fun!

      You’ll love the Great Hall. See you there soon!


    • You’re supposed to click on the correct potions. Is it not letting you do that?

      If it’s not letting you do that, try reporting the error. You can use:

      Help > Other > What's Next > Need More Help

      • put your cursor over the edge of the table in front of the bottle… i have 1 right bottle but can find NO combination that works and the there is no way to click on the last bottle it is blocked by the scroll…

        • This could be a glitch. I have not had a problem with it, but some people have. Let me check it out.

          ETA: Okay. I just did this. I’m not having any problem. If the scroll is sitting on the table, it should be way in front of the last bottle – well out of the way of the cursor. If the scroll is open it should be blocking everything, not just the last bottle.

          That said, some people are having things lock up at the weirdest times, so I’m not doubting that your problem could be legitimate. I’m just not able to duplicate it. Sorry. :(

    • hey, it also won’t let me do it!!!! :( The page is stuck and just says To solve the puzzle you must select the two correct potions.

      It will only let me click on the scroll and nothing else even though I think I’ve cracked the clue… ¬.¬

      I’ve tried everything from logging in and out to just starting the chapter again. Annoying isn’t it?!

      • Pottermore has been behaving strangely at times today. It sounds like you’re having trouble with a technical glitch.

        I’m not having the same problem. If I hover my mouse over the potions, it turns into a hand, which means it’s clickable.

        If it’s not letting you click the potions, you might try reporting the problem. That’s what I did on a couple of glitches I ran into, and the tech team did manage to resolve them.

  4. I know how to fix the problem which so many of you here is having trouble with. The pink bottle in unaccessable because of the scroll, right? I know the problen and how to solve it. I had the same problem of the scroll being in the way of the pink bottle. Try zooming out on your screen. The clickable points are fixed, and when the screen is zoomed in the clickable points get positioned a bit under the bottles themselves. Zooming out should fix it since the clickable points get in the right position again.

    • I’ve never had a problem with the scroll, personally. It’s probably a browser or screen issue. I’m using Firefox on a 15″ MacBook Pro.

      But thanks for the leaving the tip for people who are having problems. :)

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