Waiting for Pottermore: The Movie!

Well, a third set of Pottermore emails went out today, and I didn’t receive one. So I took the cue from my Waiting for Pottermore Top 10 List and went to Tyson’s Corner tonight to see the very last IMAX 3D showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. To tell the truth, it’s better in 2D. But hey, I didn’t have to wait as long to see the 3D version, and it was a rather intimate showing of the film.

Anyway, while I’m off busily writing about DH2, I thought you might find a way to entertain yourselves with this little movie. Enjoy!

ETA: OMG! GMTA!!! I just discovered that The Last Muggle posted this same video yesterday! But I solemnly swear I didn’t steal it from her. I found it in a social group on CoS.

15 responses to “Waiting for Pottermore: The Movie!

  1. I didn’t get an Owl either. ;-(

    That was hysterical! ;-)

    Going to see DH2 again Saturday!! Yay! Don’t think we can get 3D though. :-))

    • Loved it! :D I didn’t get my Owl yet either.. On another note, I watched DH2 first in 3D and .. didn’t like it so much, so I had to go back and re-watch it in 2D, and come on, it’s so much better. I think 3 D doesn’t work for pieces that are character driven.. just my observation.

      • To limonali –

        I think 3D works best for animation. It’s amazing on movies like How to Train Your Dragon.

        I did like DH2 in 3D the first time I saw the movie. But after seeing it a couple of times in 2D, it’s obvious that the 2D version is superior. :)

    • To my Sis – Don’t worry about the 3D. I was planning to see it in 2D, but I headed off to the mall early to avoid thunderstorms. It turned out there was a 3D version starting an hour earlier than the 2D version, so I thought… “Okay.”

      But really, it IS better in 2D.

  2. I was amused how the makers of this caught onto every Snape fangirl’s post-DH fantasy. Of COURSE Snape did not die in the Shrieking Shack, his Potions and Healing awesomeness saved him! Which of course is why he had no portrait and his body was never retrieved.

  3. I decided to join CoS while I wait. Partly curious as to which house I would be sorted and to chat with fellow fans. Apparently, a few wrote I was the first vote for Gryffindor they have given and Gryffindor was chosen as my house. I knew I should have listed a house I did not want, but I wanted to be sorted without biased. I think I am the only person who doesn’t want Gryffindor. Lol.

    • What’s your CoS username? I’ll have to read your sorting.

      I’m in Gryffindor there too. The Common Room is really boring, but we could always liven it up. :D

      I hear that the Ravenclaws and Slytherins have the best Common Rooms.

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