Pottermore “Thank Yous”

In one of its final tweets before the waiting began, hp_batsignal wrote:

If there’s one thing that defines the #HP fandom it’s our ability to bridge differences & work together and the Bat Signal is proof of that.

After having seen some pretty nasty fan factions and fanwars, it has truly been refreshing this past week to watch fans work together to help other fans gain early access into Pottermore.

After the Magic Quill challenge rules went live on the Pottermore website (about 2am BST, July 31), one forum member at Chamber of Secrets posted her email from LeakyCon giving out the basic timing for Clue #1 and telling us the Chapter we needed to look at.

That member is a James fan. I’m a Severus fan. It just didn’t matter. Her post gave me – and all the other HP fans on that thread – hope that we could, indeed, make it through the Magic Quill challenge together and gain early access into Pottermore. By early morning, most of us had. That experience inspired my blogging during this past week.

So on that note, I’d like to thank some folks who helped with this experience along the way.

A Special “Thank You” to..

  • The folks at Chamber of Secrets – and particularly the member who posted her letter from LeakyCon and the Admin who let me know that, yes, the CoS servers could handle the load if I linked to the site from here. :)
  • A couple of CoS members who helped with specific numbers that I suggested here as potential clues:  ardnaxela (who told me that the photo of the original Order of the Phoenix could be found in “The Woes of Mrs. Weasley” – Day 5 Hints), and Wren (who suggested the number of potions Professor Slughorn offered his N.E.W.T. students as a possible number – Day 6 Hints). We didn’t end up needing either of those numbers, but it’s always good to have as many numbers as possible on hand when suggesting potential clues. :)
  • Random tweeters who let people know about this blog… and especially…
  • Jess at The Last Muggle, who tweeted the Day 5 Hints, gave me a tip about hp_batsignal in one of the Comments threads, and mentioned this site on her blog. If you don’t read Jess, please do. She writes one of my favorite Harry Potter blogs.

What We’re Most Excited About…

So now, time to talk about the Pottermore features we’re most excited about…

The Sorting:
I’m excited – and nervous – about the Sorting. I want to be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.

I’m a Ravenclaw on Mugglenet Interactive, a Gryffindor on Chamber of Secrets, and I “test” all over the map on various unofficial Sorting tests. In fact, in the time it took me to write this paragraph, I tested across the Web as Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff!

But please, Sorting Hat, I beg of you… do not put me in Hufflepuff.

The Wand:
I’m thrilled at the prospect of getting a wand. I’m kind of hoping that my username will help me get a wand with a Phoenix tail feather core. Not because I think I’m Harry Potter (and especially not Tom Riddle!), but just because I really love the Phoenix. Second choice: Unicorn tail hair. I’d prefer not to end up with Dragon Heartstring.

There are supposed to be 33,000 different wand combinations, so I think there’s a possibility that we might have additional cores beyond the three that Ollivander makes. But then, we are buying our wands at Ollivanders, so…

The Logic Puzzle:
If you’ve roamed this site, then you probably know that I’ve posted an almost complete solution of Snape’s Logic Puzzle (the puzzle that guards the Philosopher’s Stone). The reason the solution is almost complete is that, without a visual cue, we can only get down to the last two bottles with any certainty.

Well, finally, to the rescue… There is a photo supposedly leaked from Pottermore showing the exact arrangement of the bottles in the puzzle. If that photo leak is for real – and not just a clever piece of fanart – then we will soon have our complete solution!

New Content:
We know that we’re finally going to learn more about some of the Houses – especially Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. We’re going to get some McGonnagall backstory and some Dursley backstory. We’re going to get a lot of wandlore. And probably plenty of other material. So far, JKR has written about 19,000 additional words for Pottermore.

So what is some of the new content that you’re hoping to see? And what are some of the Pottermore features you’re most excited about?

Let us know in the Comments thread. :)

(And btw… Actually, this Severus fan gets along just fine with the James fan who posted the LeakyCon message… but the point is that a lot of fans have reached across their differences this past week just to help out other fans. YAY!).

12 responses to “Pottermore “Thank Yous”

  1. I usually end up in Ravenclaw, no idea why, I always thought of myself as a bit of a duffer – perfect Hufflepuff material * G *.

    I am looking forward to seeing what it all looks like, how much fun they will let everyone have. JKR wants to put the magic back into her reader’s lives and as this comes from her, no-one will dispute only discuss, this has got to be a good thing. Knowing more about the characters who have become so real to us will be a marvelous experience.

    • I don’t know why I really don’t want to go into Hufflepuff. I like Hufflepuff well enough. My husband is, I think, a Hufflepuff (we’ll know for sure when he gets sorted in October!). And I think my little Sev-kitty is a Hufflepuff too. (LOL). My sister may even be a Hufflepuff! But I just don’t see myself as a Hufflepuff. I’m a hard worker, but I’m really more improvisation and inspiration than toil and perspiration.

      Anyway, seeing what it all looks like on the inside is huge for me too. I can hardly wait to see the artwork. :) It’s really exciting!

  2. I ended up in Hufflepuff on ChoS forum.. and I’m fine with it anyway :) looking forward to learning more on my House. I would love to see more information about the Marauders/Snape’s time in school, and some further explaining of the hate dynamic between James and Severus.. I seriously can’t wait to see what Pottermore will bring!

    On the other hand, I just wanted to say.. as I am completely new to all online HP experience, forums and blogs (not to HP tho :) ) I had no clue fans of HP can argue.. that’s so sad to learn.

    • There are a lot of really nice people in Hufflepuff on CoS. :) There’s a lot of House Spirit and a lot of teamwork. Hufflepuff won the House Cup last year because of great teamwork – despite individuals in Gryffindor and Ravenclaw winning bigger awards.

      As for fanwars… I just wish we’d all learn the lesson of the Epilogue. In the naming of his children, Harry reconciles the warring factions and brings peace to the Galaxy. ;)

  3. I’m so excited for ALL of it. Like I seriously can’t decide what sounds more exciting..

    I would love a wand with a unicorn something in it, but I don’t just want a unicorn tail hair. That’s not that special. I mean compared to a dragon heart string (which my sis REALLY wants) or even a phoenix tail feather (which the phoenix has to give), a unicorn tail hair is nothing. I wish they made wands out of unicorn horns, that would be cool. That’s why I’m excited to hear that there maybe more options for the core.

    Im also really excited about learning what house Im in. I think Im a Ravenclaw, and that’s what I usually test as, but I have tested as ALL of the houses, and different people have different opinions of what I am. I really think that most people have a bit of each of the houses in them and so the “sorting factor” ends up being which house you want to be in.

    I know what you mean about the HP fighting. Im a James fan and my sis is a Severus fan. That makes for some very interesting dinnertime conversations..

    • A James fan and a Severus fan under the same roof?!? LOL. I can imagine that dinnertime conversations could get rather heated. ;)

      I think you’re right that most people have a bit of different Houses in them. People have pointed out that Dumbledore has the cunning of a Slytherin, while Severus has the courage of a Gryffindor. I hear that we’re going to learn that McGonnagall could have gone to Ravenclaw. I personally think that Ron could have made a great Hufflepuff, and we all know Hermione would have made a great Ravenclaw.

      So yeah, I’m a believer in the theory of secondary House attributes. But once you’re sorted, you bring the secondary House attributes with you into your primary House. :)

  4. Initially without fail I was Slytherin, but in the past five years I have had a major hufflepuff streak. Everyone I know read OotP and said I was Tonks without a doubt. I hope to find out more about hufflepuff, Tonks, Severus, and pretty much anything in general. =) It took me months to read DH as I didn’t want it to come to an end. I am glad to see more of the magic and have early access!

  5. Because I am one of those ‘I’m not jumping on the bandwagon kind of person’ I did not read the series until 2 summers ago. My then 5 year old went to rent a movie and came back with CoS because he liked the ‘puppy’ on the case. The puppy was Dobby and thus began the journey. He has since read the first three, he is finishing PoA now, and we are finishing GoF together. If I could I’d thank JKR for creating an adventure that my 7 year old wants to follow. And I’d want her to know how much it means to me that I have a way to connect with Atticus and teach him values that mean so much to me.

    Also, I have been a Severus fan since about book 5. Something told me that he was a more complicated character and not so black and white as others seem to think. But then, I did get sent down to the mother superior’s office in 9th grade for arguing Judas was not going to burn for all eternity because he had no choice (does anyone?) and was therefore probably sitting at Jesus’ side for doing the dirty deed. Orthodoxy, huh, don’t question it.

    Anyway, thanks you again for your help. Nightwing and I are looking forward to being sorted, he is more nervous than I. Using your link the longer sorting site, I got into Gryffindor but who knows. Long have I thought that perhaps the House of Hufflepuff was and exercise in not judging a book by its cover. Nightwing however would be crushed if he didn’t make Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.

    I enjoy you site and visit often, I have been looking for a book re-read site when I stumbled across Expecto. Thanks again for the brain food.

    See you in Pottermore,


    • It sounds like you read the series just months before I did. (I read it in November/December 2009). And yeah, I wasn’t going to jump on the bandwagon either. Now look at me!

      That’s such a sweet story about your son and CoS. :love: And it’s so great that the two of you can connect over these books. I think you can thank JKR. I believe she reads her fan mail. From what I gather, it was the mail she’s gotten over the years that inspired her to want to give something back to the fans – i.e., Pottermore.

      I think I became a Severus fan in GoF, when the Death Eater plot came up. I love redemption stories. So what really drove my fascination for the character was that he had this past that needed to be redeemed. And I was pretty sure that JKR was going to have him redeem it. Nothing ever caused me to waver very seriously from that belief. I had questions, but I never had serious doubts. And when I figured out that he had sent the Silver Doe (many chapters before the big reveal!), I felt completely vindicated. :)

      I’m glad you found the blog. :D

      • This is so amazing how we found our ways into the series..
        I read the first book back in 1998 when it was translated into Polish. Mind you, I was 17 at the time, and deemed it a ‘kids’ book that wasn’t really worth getting into.. I put it away. Now I think the main reason why I did that is that it came to me in a wrong moment, and seriously, Polish translation sucked big time.
        Well, fast forward to 2008, and me swearing all this time that I don’t get what’s all that Harry-hoopla about. I was living in Ireland, my English improved greatly, my good friend was leaving the country and left me the Order of Phoenix & Half-Blood Prince urging me to give it a second go (she loved the series). I was less than convinced but one day had nothing to read so just picked it up, as it was lying around… AND WAS HOOKED EVER SINCE :) I’ll admit I prefer later, more adult books to the first ones still. Jo worked her magic on me (plus reading it in the original was a much, much better idea after all!)

        • Thanks for telling your story! I’m always amazed by people who can read these stories in multiple languages.

          I fell in love with the first few lines of the first book. Her writing “voice” reminded me of Tolkien, and it was obvious right away (in English, at least), that she was an extremely talented stylist.

          I do prefer the later books – and DH is my favorite. But I adore the first book.

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