Pottermore: Day 6 Hints

Well, there was a bit of trouble with the Magic Quill for a second day in a row! And yet, Pottermore Insider has chosen to post significant advance warning for the time windows in which Clues 6 and 7 will appear.

Day 6 and Day 7 Time Window

In the UK, the clues will arrive on Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning. In the Western Hemisphere, the clues will arrive on Friday morning and Friday night.

There is, I believe, a maximum of of 13.5 hours between the times the start time of each clue. So tomorrow is going to be a very big, and very hectic, day.

Questions I’ve been asked

Before we get on with possibilities for clues on Day 6, let me answer a few questions that I’ve paraphrased from the Comments section:

Q. Do you have inside information on the clue?

A. No. Aside from information that comes from the Pottermore Insider website, everything I say about clues is speculation.

Let me add: the reason I’m doing this is that I got in to Pottermore on Day 1, thanks to some great help from people on the Chamber of Secrets forum. I am just trying to return the favor out here on the Web and to help other people navigate the whole registration process for early access into Pottermore.

Q. What is the answer to the clue?(usually asked frantically, while the clue is live)

A. Even though I’m not giving answers personally (my job is to help people prepare for the clues and understand the process for getting in to the Beta test group at Pottermore), I do know some places you can go to get help with the clue.

One place you might look is in the Chamber of Secrets forum, on the last page of the Pottermore thread. It’s a good forum, with smart people who are willing to help out. The only drawback is that most of the people on Chamber of Secrets who want early Pottermore access have already successfully completed the challenge. So the traffic on the Pottermore thread seems to be dying down a bit.

But more help is on the way…

Here is a repeat posting here a helpful note that Jess (the Last Muggle) wrote in the comments to an earlier post:

I’ve been telling folks who are interested in registering and haven’t had success yet to follow hp_batsignal on Twitter and set it up for only those tweets to come to your phone. Today, I received a tweet with when the clue went live and a follow-up tweet with the answer.

That’s one way for fans to save themselves a sleepless night at the computer. :-)

Now, without further ado, here are my suggestions for…

Some Possible Day 6 Clues

The next book is Half-Blood Prince (HBP). But if the clues are going to remain super-easy – as they have for the past couple of days – then here are the most obvious numbers I can think of:

  • At what age are students allowed to get their license to apparate?
  • Into how many pieces does Tom Riddle intend to split his soul? (or, to word it another way… what is the number of horcruxes Riddle mentions in Slughorn’s untampered memory?)
  • How many Death Eaters come through the Vanishing Cabinet into Hogwarts on the night Dumbledore is killed?
  • What is the number of the chapter in which Snape kills Dumbledore?
  • What is the number of the chapter for Dumbledore’s funeral?
  • Probably too difficult: how many memories does Dumbledore share with Harry?

In one of the earlier rounds, you needed a chapter number, so I added the chapter number clues, just in case.

So, does anyone else have additional suggestions for numbers to focus on? If so, please share them in the Comments thread. Oh, and here’s a good breakdown to refresh your memory of HBP.

Based on the already-established pattern (7 books * number of days/chances remaining), once you have the solution to the clue, the number you will multiply by is 14… except, of course, in the unlikely chance that Pottermore breaks the pattern!

For those who are still working at getting early access into Pottermore: Good luck on the Day 6 Clue!

I do intend to live blog the 6th Clue. See you then.

Note about the Comments thread: If you’re new to the blog and have never commented before, there may be a small delay in getting your comment posted.

19 responses to “Pottermore: Day 6 Hints

  1. Yes it could be… or how many horcruxes does Harry think have to be destroyed at the end of HBP.

    It’s a tricky question, though, because one horcrux has already been destroyed, but not everybody would easily think of that. And then, of course, there’s the whole problem of Harry’s scar.

    So I’m tending to think that if it’s a horcrux-related question, it’s more likely to focus on the question Riddle asks Slughorn. That’s a solid number, and doesn’t change depending on how we define horcrux.

    Make sense?

    • yea it does. I think horcruxes is the clue. Day 6 has to be easier then 4 TWT participants and 12 grimmauld place.
      I REALLY had to hunt for the number of death eaters that enter the castle haha. I think this is THE BEST pottermore clue blog. you’re awesome!

      • Lol, yeah, the number of Death Eaters wasn’t very obvious and I had to dig for it. Especially since some of them aren’t described by name, but by appearance only. And then I got slightly conflicted because when I searched it up online to confirm that I counted right, Bellatrix Lestrange was listed as being there despite there being no mention of her at the scene in the book. If that question IS asked, I’m going to go with the book number first, then the movie number if that doesn’t work. Though I highly doubt that they will follow the movie over the book.

        • Bellatrix isn’t there in the book, right? Just in the movie? The Carrows are there in the book – though I don’t recall if they are mentioned by name. And so is Fenrir. I agree that you need to think in terms of the books, not the movies – especially since Pottermore is going to be focused on the books. :)

      • Hey thanks!

        I doubt it will be number of Death Eaters. I just had to put suggestions out there. ;)

        I’m figuring that the thing most people remember about this book (aside from the ending) is the Horcruxes – and the number of Horcruxes that Riddle asks Slughorn about.

        And if the clues for Days 4-7 are supposed to be easier than the clues for Days 1-3, then it’s going to be something as easy as the 4 TriWizard participants or 12 Grimmauld Place. Horcruxes is that easy – as long as it’s worded in a way that doesn’t leave room for doubt concerning the number they’re asking for. :)

  2. Even though the horcrux question would be really easy, I guess there’ll be a lot of confusions concerning this, I hope it’ll be obvious if they want to here how many horcruxes Voldemort made or intended to make or into how many pieces he split his soul…

    • Yes. That’s why I think it is more likely to be focused specifically on Slughorn’s memory of the conversation with Riddle in the “Horcruxes” chapter. That’s a very specific number.

  3. Similar to the apparition one you listed, but how about “At what age do wizard’s come of age?” or “How much do apparition lessons cost?”

    • Wizards coming of age is throughout the series, I think. I’m figuring that the question will be focused more specifically on this book. But it’s the same number – so no worries. :)

      How much do lessons cost? I think it’s probably a little too tricky for Day 6, given the past couple of clues. ;)

  4. I wasn’t expecting it to be the question it was, Like you all said I expected it to be something to do with Slughorn’s memory because that was a very important part in both the books and the films. But they said it would be easier so maybe that was too obvious

      • yeah but the question for book 5 was even more obvious, I already had the answer tiped in my calculator before the clue was on :D

        • Yeah. I think we were all expecting 12 Grimmauld Place for Book 5. :)

          But that’s why today was a bit of a surprise. I mean, the 7 soul-piece split was the most obvious number for HBP, I think. But they gave us the 30 chapters instead. LOL.

          It wasn’t a difficult question. Just a surprise.

    • As it turns out, “obvious” apparently doesn’t matter. :) They gave us the number of Hallows for Clue 7… and number of Hallows was clearly the most obvious question for DH! So I think they might have just wanted to change it up a bit for Clue 6 so we wouldn’t get too complacent.

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