Pottermore: Day 5 Hints

Well, it appears that we broke the Magic Quill this morning:

Q. I solved the clue for Day 4 but I couldn’t find The Magical Quill. What happened?

A. Due to huge demand today, not everyone who solved the Day 4 clue was able to find The Magical Quill. To ensure no one missed out on the chance to register for early access to Pottermore, we decided to direct people who successfully solved the clue straight to the Pottermore registration page, where they were able to register as normal.

In some ways, the breakage was to be expected. Pottermore gave us about 18.5 hours advance warning on when to expect the clue, and the time window was favorable to the Americas. It was like finally, folks in the Western Hemisphere did not have to get up in the middle of the night in order to get early access to Pottermore!

Now they know what happens when you let two densely-populated continents know too far in advance when to expect the clue. ;)

Day 5 Time Window

After what happened this morning, I did suspect that we would not see a specific time window for Day 5. And sure enough, this is as much as the Pottermore Insider will say about the timing for tomorrow’s clue:

Q. So far, all the clues have appeared in the early hours of the morning in my time zone. Will this continue for the remainder of The Magical Quill challenge?

A. We know that Harry Potter fans around the world are taking part in the challenge, so we will be varying the times that the clues are revealed.

So, it looks like we’re on our own again… which means that some of us (not me!) will probably be staying up all night next to the computer, hitting the refresh button every few minutes. However, I personally suspect that the next clue will come at a time when folks in North and South America don’t have to stay up all night.

The notice from Pottermore Insider indicates that they will be varying the times to accommodate different parts of the world. All the clues for Days 1-3 came at times when folks on my side of the world would normally be asleep. So I think they’ll provide more clues at times when the Western Hemisphere is awake… though I have no idea exactly when. :)

And don’t forget… I could be completely wrong! (though I was definitely right about that TriWizard Tournament clue! LOL)

Day 5 Clues

So, that brings us to the most important things for Day 5: What are some possible numbers to consider?

The next book is Order of the Phoenix (OotP)… and it is huge. OotP is the biggest book of the series, coming in at 870 pages of more densely packed (and smaller) print. This is why, I think, the clues are supposed to be getting easier.

So let’s think about some easy numbers from OotP:

  • In what year do students take their O.W.L. exams?
  • What’s the street number of Order of the Phoenix Headquarters?
  • How many dementors attack Harry and his cousin Dudley in the alleyway in Little Whinging?
  • What is the number of the Educational Decree banning all student organizations, societies, teams, groups, and clubs?
  • How many students fly on thestrals to the Department of Mysteries to try to save Sirius?
  • Probably too hard: How many members of the Order of the Phoenix arrive at Privet Drive to escort Harry to Order Headquarters?

Okay, aside from that last one, most of those are probably easy enough to be usable.

The street number for Order of the Phoenix Headquarters is in the title of one of the book’s chapters. So is the Educational Decree. The names of the students (and hence, the number) can be easily found in both the “Fight or Flight” and “Department of Mysteries” chapters, towards the end of the book.

So, does anyone else have suggestions for numbers to focus on? If so, please share them in the Comments thread. Oh, and here’s a good chapter-by-chapter breakdown to refresh your memory of OotP.

Based on the already-established pattern (7 books * number of days/chances remaining), once you have the solution to the clue, the number you will multiply by is 21… except, of course, in the unlikely chance that Pottermore breaks the pattern!

I will live blog the 5th Clue if it comes at a time when I’m at my computer.

For those who are still working at getting early access into Pottermore: Good luck on the Day 5 Clue!

Note about the Comments thread: If you’re new to the blog and have never commented before, there may be a small delay in getting your comment posted.


Here is a note that Jess (the Last Muggle) wrote in the comments that might prove useful to people trying to get in to Pottermore:

I’ve been telling folks who are interested in registering and haven’t had success yet to follow hp_batsignal on Twitter and set it up for only those tweets to come to your phone. Today, I received a tweet with when the clue went live and a follow-up tweet with the answer.

That’s one way for fans to save themselves a sleepless night at the computer. :-)

In the comments, Scott asks:

Do you think they could also ask how many members are in OoP? original or
revived? I just thought of that possibility.

That’s a good question!

I would focus more on the photo of the members of the original Order of the Phoenix – (i.e., the photo that serves as inspiration for Dumbledore’s Army). I think it’s too difficult to find a precise count for the members of the revived Order, so I don’t think they’d use that. But yes, I do think the photo is a possibility.

Thanks for the suggestion!

ETA 2:

Additional clues suggested by readers:

Some other numbers I thought of were the row number of the prophecy and number of members in Dumbledore’s Army.

Another possible clue could be the number of members in DA.

More great suggestions! Thanks!!!

ETA 3:
Something interesting I just noticed: the number of members of Dumbledore’s Army and the number of named original members of the Order of the Phoenix is the same, assuming that we count Severus Snape as a member of the original Order after he turned spy.

But this is why I think it’s unlikely for the clue to ask for the number of members of the original Order. Some people might not think to count Snape.

If you’re looking for the photo of the original members of the Order, it’s in the chapter “The Woes of Mrs. Weasley.” I was looking in the wrong place (focusing on the Dumbledore’s Army chapters). :)

But as someone pointed out, if the clue is supposed to be really easy, it is likely to be the street number for Order HQ (i.e., where Sirius lives). I would also add that it could be the year students take their O.W.L. exams. Those seem to be the easiest numbers out there for OotP.

Good luck!

40 responses to “Pottermore: Day 5 Hints

  1. Those ideas of clues are very good, im hoping that it is atleast one of them becoz i somehow know these answers off by heart

  2. thanks for your insight :) i missed the first 3 due to work and yesterday just didn’t work for me… technical problems in which the answer would just direct me back to the pottermore website :/

    so this insight was definitely needed and i am DETERMINED to get it this time!

    • I hope it’s helpful!

      So yesterday… did you get a “congratulations” message or just the front page message with the clue when it redirected you back? Sorry you had trouble. :(

      Good luck on Day 5!

      • yesterday, it redirected me back to the pottermore website with the clue…. nothing happened. i kept on complaining to pottermore via twitter but nothing came about it haha :P

        i am guessing it had something to do with my browser and the cache since the pottermore website crashed and wouldn’t let me in for like 5 minutes. yesterday just kinda sucked :/

        thanks. i hope it works!

  3. I didn’t have to find the clue or anything,I just typed in the address with the answer and a congratulations poped up!

    • Yes. They had a problem with the Magic Quill this morning on the Sony site, so they redirected everybody with the right answer to the congratulations/registration page on Pottermore. Were you able to complete registration without a glitch?

  4. these are all great clues!! thank you so much for the insight.
    Do you think they could also ask how many members are in OoP? original or
    revived? I just thought of that possibility.

    I am determined to get it today!

    • Yes, I do think they could ask how many members are in the Order of the Phoenix – possibly from the Order photo that serves as inspiration for Dumbledore’s Army. :)

      I don’t think they would ask how many are in the revived Order because it’s much harder to get a clear count. :)

      Thanks for the comment! I think you’ve added something for people to think about. :)

  5. Maybe this is the easy way out, but with so few chances to sign up for Pottermore, I think it’s fair to use the Harry Potter fandom to help your chances.

    I’ve been telling folks who are interested in registering and haven’t had success yet to follow hp_batsignal on Twitter and set it up for only those tweets to come to your phone. Today, I received a tweet with when the clue went live and a follow-up tweet with the answer.

    That’s one way for fans to save themselves a sleepless night at the computer. :-)

    • Thanks, Jess. I’ll add your comment to my post. :)

      And I think it’s not only fair to use the fandom, but I think that Pottermore expected people to use the fandom. They partnered with various fansites like Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet, after all. ;)

  6. i’m sorry, but it’s not fair that when anyone makes multiple accounts, posts the clue/answer the minute it appears on pottermore, or that they let some people in yesterday without having to find the quill. i got in yesterday after some hours of stalking pottermore, and after refreshing the sony page about 20 times for the quill to appear. but people who don’t know the answers and just expect someone else to give it to them do not deserve to get early access. there are many true fans out there who can’t get an account because some greedy people act like slytherins!

    • I do not encourage people to make multiple accounts. In fact, I discourage it and point people to what the Pottermore Insider has to say about it. I do, however, participate in the challenge without setting up an additional account. I also do not give people the answers. But I think it’s completely fair to give them tips and hints and to post the clue at the time it comes out. Pottermore, in fact, expected fans to help other fans get early access, which is why Pottermore partnered with various fansites like Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet.

      Regarding the Magic Quill… Sony had technical difficulties yesterday, which is why Pottermore allowed people to get in without having to find the Magic Quill. It was good crisis management, I think.

      Regarding Slytherin… JKR says that we have thus far only seen Slytherin through the eyes of her Gryffindor protagonists and that their perspective does not reflect the true nature of the House. I do not consider myself a Slytherin (though we’ll find out on Pottermore! LOL), but I think Harry’s final comment to Albus Severus indicates that Slytherin is not supposed to be seen, ultimately, as an inherently bad House.

      Anyway… Congratulations on getting in to Pottermore!

  7. How many were in the original Order of the Phoenix? I’ve been searching for a while and can’t find a straight answer.

  8. Remember how easy the beta 4 is, it’ll probably be easier, as they have said té questions would become. Therefore the most logical answer is to ask what is the number adress to which Sirius lives at Grimmauld place. Multiple this by 21. This makes it easy enough to solve without having to look through the book as is what happened for book 4. As we now, Sirius lived at number 12 Grimmauld place and if we multiply that by 21 we will get the number: 252 so those who are still trying to enter Pottermore(I recieved access for beta 4) should be prepared to type in : http://quill.pottermore/252. Sorry if I gave to much of a hint, but this seems like it is very logical. Btw, my username is SicklePotion69! Hope this helped!

  9. Another possibility might be “How many letters does Dumbledore have in his initials?” or something similar. This would be a nice, easy one to find because it’s mentioned twice in the book, once at Harry’s hearing and once at the end, on the label for Harry’s prophecy.

    • Stingy? I’ve been providing answers all morning.

      You’re supposed to be on the Scholastic website. Find the Magic Quill and click on it. That will take you to Pottermore registration.

      If you can’t see the Magic Quill, try turning off ad blockers.

    • you need to use a browser that doesnt block ads, i was using Safari and the ad at the top of the page was static, I switched over to using Firefox and then the Pottermore ad at the top of the scholastic site was a moving ad with loads of quills flying around inside it, you have to catch the magic quill inside the wee ad box at the top.

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