Just “Like” Magic!

Okay, folks. I’m getting prepared for the Fall semester – which means that I’m putting together syllabi for the classes I’m teaching. I haven’t done this in 10 years, and it’s amazing how much additional language you need to put into syllabi these days, given the more highly advanced state of technology. And then next week, I’ve got professional development activities on campus. And the following week… classes!

What this means is that for the next week or so, I may just dribble out a post here and there. But I’m aware that I owe you a post on Dumbledore’s enchantment of the Mirror, a post on Quirrell’s seduction by Voldemort, a post on Harry’s encounter with Voldemort, and at least one post on Dumbledore’s explanation to Harry. I’ve also got guest posts lined up before we quit PS/SS.

And then we’ll be ready to move on to CoS.

In the meantime, I just wanted to draw your attention to some magic buttons. WordPress has kindly added a “Like” button to the bottom of each post. So if you like a post, please “Like” it.

If you really like a post, Twitter has just today given you an easy way to broadcast the post through your Twitter network. And WordPress has decided to support it!

To tweet a post, click the “Tweet” button at the bottom of the post. It will go out across Twitter… just like magic.

So here you go… you wanna tweet? Tweet This!

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