The Task Most Made of Awesome?

I can’t believe it’s been Saturday since I last posted… but then again, I can. My husband’s out of town, and I’ve been running around all over the place, and today I had to keep the kitties calm while they were locked in a room because workmen were installing a furnace.

So, before we move on, let’s take a poll!

Which House Head’s task beyond the Trap Door is most made of awesome… and why?

Please explain your choice in the Comments thread!

I’ll be back to check after I’ve had a chance to see this Alan Rickman movie that’s been in my queue forever. Something called Sense and Sensibility.

ETA: I just remembered… some of you are dropping in randomly and haven’t read the last four posts! So if you need a refresher on the tasks, here you go…

And with that, I really will go watch my Rickman / Austen movie. :)

7 responses to “The Task Most Made of Awesome?

  1. Logic, puzzles, plants… but what requires not just cleverness, brains, and resolve, but includes bravery and competitiveness? A live chess game. :) I can just imagine Minerva as a young chess champion.

    • I think there’s a good case to be made for the chess game… especially given the size (and violence) of the pieces. And some of us are just no good at chess! I could probably have solved the logic puzzle if I’d gotten over my initial sense of panic on seeing the flames! But winning against the white chess pieces? I don’t think so. And it is pretty cool that she mixed the Gryffindor trait of courage in with the strategic task of chess. It’s an excellent challenge, I think.

  2. I voted “Other”. For the sake of argument, Dumbledore is head of Hogwarts House :P
    Honestly, thought. Quirrelmort got through all of the other tasks relatively quickly. It would’ve been immpossible, should Harry have not shown up, for them to get the stone from the mirror. Thus making it the most awesome, because it stumped Voldy. Anything that does that is awesome. ;)

    • You just can’t wait to get to the Mirror, can you? ;)

      I don’t think of the Mirror, though, as one of the tasks, but as the ultimate destination – the ultimate protection.

      The tasks leading up to it are more designed, I think, to slow down or halt the prospective thief. Any one of the tasks has the potential to halt the thief, and the Trio never would have survived the tasks if there had not been three of them – 3 heads, just like Fluffy! – collaborating to solve the tasks. In fact, I wonder if Quirrell would have solved the tasks if not for the assistance of Voldemort. (We don’t know Voldemort’s role in that).

      Unlike the tasks, though, the Mirror is designed to put a complete stop to the thief. And the Mirror, as Dumbledore said to Harry shortly after Christmas, has driven people mad with longing. The Stone is unattainable (unless, like Harry, you are not seeking to attain it), and the Mirror confronts you with your strongest (and in this case, completely unattainable) desire. The Mirror could drive the thief mad.

      But maybe I should save that analysis for when we get to the Mirror! ;)

      Anyway, do you have a favorite task by a House Head – i.e., a favorite defeatable task?

      • Mmmm….if I have to chose one of the house head’s tasks, Snape’s has to take the cake, no matter what angle you look at it. Like Hermione put it, it was ‘brilliant’!
        And no, I can’t wait – the mirror was my favorite part of the book. ;)

    • Greedy greedy greedy. AND impatient! ;)

      We’re not up to the Mirror yet! But yeah, among the beatable tasks, I have a hard time choosing between the chess board and the logic puzzle. :D

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